Gaming Laptops – The Five Essential Features

Gaming Laptops – The Five Essential Features.Gone are the days when you would be mocked if you walked into an all-night LAN party with your trusty laptop and expected to cling to the giant computer towers standing at your feet. everyone.

Today’s gaming laptops have large, sharp LCD screens, advanced video cards, and full-size keyboards. Not only can these gaming laptops hang from a standard bulky computer tower, but they can also be ordered completely custom to meet any gamer’s exact specifications.

Since there are so many customizable components in these laptops, it is a common practice to create what some people call a “system builder”. This is the page where you can add and subtract components through the drop-down menu to create the best gaming laptop for your needs and budget.

Gaming Laptops – The Five Essential Features.This type of site can be overwhelming for those just starting out in the gaming laptop buying process, but it’s very manageable if you’re only using one component at a time.

Gaming Laptop GPU

It’s the heart of a gaming laptop. The GPU – the graphics processing unit – is a component that will make or break your gaming experience.
Don’t go into specific models because they change all the time, the main thing is that the graphics card doesn’t share resources with the computer. Gaming laptop video cards should have their own built-in memory. Usually, discrete laptops will not have this feature. The two manufacturers of laptop video cards today are nVIDIA and ATI.

Without a screen, you don’t have much

What good is a gaming laptop without a screen that can actually display your games? Now, you can certainly connect to an external monitor, but if you really can’t play on your gaming laptop without that external monitor, your laptop isn’t. is a mobile device.

Although LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology and terminology could fill an entire article, there are a few key points to keep in mind when choosing from the LCD display options available for computers. Your new gaming laptop: native resolution, aspect ratio, rise and fall time, contrast, viewing angle and size.

Original resolution. Native resolution is simply the setting at which your monitor will display the clearest image. Since games are constantly moving, the slightly soft edges may not bother most gamers, but keep in mind that even if this is your gaming laptop, you can use it for other things like surfing the Internet. If the resolution is uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy using it.

Image format. As you probably know, movie screens and TV screens have different proportions. Likewise, there are widescreen format gaming laptops and standard aspect ratio laptops, like that of a TV. There are pros and cons to a widescreen gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptops – The Five Essential Features.Many games these days don’t have a widescreen mode. This means the game can stretch across the screen and distort, or you can run it with black bars filling the edges. There are ways to get around this, but if you want the perfect experience, the widescreen format might not be for you.

That said, the wide LCD screen provides plenty of screen real estate for web browsing and other types of computer activities, and a game played on the widescreen frame provides a large field of view. For this reason, there are gamers who are very loyal and prefer wide screens.

Do your best to balance current and future technology with your computer habits other than playing games. Even with its limitations, the widescreen format is found on most of the best gaming laptops.

Rise and fall. The phrase “rise and fall time” is used to describe how quickly an LCD can react to changes. In the past, LCD monitors have struggled with not being able to display images as quickly as computer games can take them out.

This causes a big problem for laptop players because if they can’t see the picture correctly, they can’t play the game properly. This lag can be the difference between playing to win and playing almost nothing.

Fortunately, gaming laptop LCD screens have come a long way, and they only get better and better. While gaming on laptop screens was once impossible, today’s gaming laptop LCDs offer rise and fall times of 25 milliseconds or less, while laptops Standard hands usually have rise and fall times of 0 milliseconds or less.

Contrast. If the LCD screen of a gaming laptop has low contrast, it means that the black areas are not as black as usual and the white areas are not white. This is important for a laptop player because you need to see the game correctly – as it should be – to compete effectively. Look for a contrast ratio of 00:1 or better in a custom gaming laptop.

Viewing angle. This is an often overlooked LCD feature, but it should be considered if you’re building a gaming laptop. This can be a big inconvenience when playing games on an LCD monitor as the screen has a bad viewing angle that will not allow others to look at the screen while you are playing games and also reduces your eyesight when you are doing a video game. as simple as adjusting your seat, which may require you to then adjust the position of your laptop screen for proper viewing.

But gaming on a laptop doesn’t mean you have bad viewing angles. There are LCD monitors on the market that have incredible viewing angles – up to 120 degrees. These screens not only allow viewers to play, but they also allow you to use that large, sharp screen to do things like play movies and even give presentations.

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