Winter fashion in 2022

Winter fashion in 2022.Even those who make a living from the winter, like tire salesmen, chimney sweeps and snowfield drivers, seem eager for the frosty days to end. Luckily, there’s one good thing about cold weather: winter fashion. It’s just fun, with all the layers and bright colors, not to mention the sheepskin boots.

This time of year, every glossy cover of Elle, Vogue, and Mademoiselle makes me dream of looking like one of those glamorous girls wrapped in a pretty sweater and chic boots. Unfortunately, every time I try to mimic one of these magazine looks, it all goes wrong.

This week, I try on skinny jeans-puff sweater-chunky boots. It looks like winter, but it doesn’t work for winter. I struggled with every coat in my closet, trying to convince someone to button up my new oversized turtleneck. I was relieved when I finally managed to pull up my pea coat, but the relief vanished when I hurriedly looked in the mirror and found myself seven months pregnant.

The whole mantle would be amazing – if I studied polar bears in the Arctic during the day. I did not. I’m on my way to work. I made a quick stop at the cafe, and the second I walked in, I started to overheat. When I got to the counter, I felt my sweat start to mix with the wool of the sweater.

I like natural beauty, but I don’t like the smell. I was waiting for my mocha and crazed with a menu, when I looked down to see that my new fur shoes had been nearly destroyed by the rock salt strewn across the city pavement.

After all the time I spent shopping, planning, and putting on my new outfit, my sparkling chandelier earrings were the only thing that survived the morning. It’s the cheapest part of my outfit and I’ve been getting compliments on them all day. Obviously a small spark makes everyone feel good.

Like any smart woman, I wear black in the winter despite high fashion houses yelling at us to wear more colors. Black looks great during the day or at night, and for a girl on the run, it doesn’t take much thought. The best thing about black is that it hides all kinds of blemishes, such as those caused by eating a whole pumpkin cheesecake on Thanksgiving Day. But black isn’t just slimming; it is a beautiful palette of accessories.

This year, women have a lot of jewelry options. You can return to the old base of diamonds. Or you can try this winter’s exciting new collections with colorful beads and shells. They look eye-catching in black, and they can be worn like a diamond necklace, while providing extra personality and sparkle. You can also accentuate your eye color with a necklace of a similar color. There’s nothing more beautiful than a pair of sapphire blue eyes with a matching necklace.

Jelly has always been a holiday favorite. This season, designers are using them in fiberglass and silver. It’s a new approach to the essentials of a jeweler. Redstone can highlight red skin and winter blush. And optical fibers in the glass make necklaces, earrings and bracelets shine. The combination creates a look that no one will forget.

And something will always go with black, the more black. Onyx is a beautiful stone that, when accented with silver, can transform a simple black sweater and baggy pants into a classic cosmopolitan look. Onyx dangling earrings look great with the hair pulled back. Onyx is great because it can go with almost anything. It makes reds more subtle, pinks more discreet, and whites more exotic.

So don’t let gray skies and old snow keep you from feeling pretty. The next time you walk into your closet and feel frustrated that you have to tuck your outfit under your jacket, put on a pair of gorgeous earrings. People will notice them, even if you’re wearing a jacket. And unlike that oversized sweater, you can keep wearing them when the warm spring days finally arrive.

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