Calendar Men: How to Publish a Calendar Featuring Hot College Guys at your University

Have you ever thought about creating a pinned calendar with hot boys enrolled in your college or university?

Most people who plan to make a “Men in College (Your)” calendar assume that all they have to do is locate 12 handsome college boys and take a picture of them. True, but publishing a calendar involves more tasks and requires recruiting more than 12 students.

In addition to recruiting, selecting, and training these male student models, there is also the actual production of the calendar, which includes photography, graphic design arrangements, and commercial printing. Once the calendar has been distributed, it is advisable to organize advertising in the mass media. Promotional events must take place.

But first you have to find the best people in college on campus. After a decade of publication, college male recruitment is an area where Campus Men Calendar’s operations are an expert.

There is a high demand to appear in the college men’s pin calendar. Therefore, we do not support or attempt to persuade a student to present. We wanted to be able to choose from a variety of college boys.

The subject of the Campus Men calendar photos was very important to us for selection and selection. We present young American students in sexy poses that viewers never see them.

We answer the question: I wonder what the cool guy I see on campus would look like in bed? We’ve found that to sell calendars, we don’t recommend students wear sweaters. We appeal to our viewers’ sexual motives, whether it’s through a pretty smile, a pretty face or body, or the way you dress. We try to give the viewer an idea of ​​what it feels like to be intimate with the student.

We also prefer photos with a “college feel” – a college or sports feel, rather than a “beach” photo. We try to plan images that evoke college life or portray the student as a sexy athlete.

Don’t forget that the theme of the Campus Men calendar is, “We’re showing people what the burly guy they see in the quad in bed looks like.”
More than 12 must be employed. The production of a schedule requires identifying as many attractive men on your campus as possible. Typically, evaluate at least 125 students and up to 500 during the entire process. If you want to organize a calendar, your goal should be to sign up for hundreds of hot guys from college.

Large quantities have to be secured because the most important issue – aside from photo quality – is delivery time. Time is very important. Calendars must be manufactured for delivery by June 1 of each year.

This allows for a seven-month sales season, allowing college students to show up selling calendars during the summer (when they have plenty of time to sell because they don’t sign up for classes; they’re often at home with their families and friends). their friends; and end up ordering more after they sell out); allow us to sell through national magazines; and allows us to reach new freshmen visiting campus during orientation sessions, which are held from June to August.

This means the calendar will also be on store shelves during It’s time for students to return to the start of the fall semester and purchase items to decorate dorm walls or girls’ halls.

Winter semester is not a good time to enroll because cold weather often takes longer to complete an activity. We can’t easily see what college boys look like because they wear tight clothes when they go out. College boys are often indoors, sedentary, gain weight, and don’t have a tan.

If only 12 students are recruited, the activity may be delayed if even one student quits publishing for any reason or is fired.

We also need to hire a lot of college students because the schedule is not for everyone. We found it necessary to filter all boys to select only those who agreed to pose nude or almost nude. Why? Because college calendars are not for shy or conservative young men.

We have published many more or less provocative pin calendars. The tamed pin calendar is great. But few shoppers shell out $15 for a boring men’s calendar. The higher-risk schedule is always preferred in sales.

We found this to be the best profile for college guys to appear on pin calendars:
• Hanging out, maybe selling calendars
• Nice, muscular or skinny body
• Relaxing pose nude , unrestricted, kind of guy who’s gonna lose weight or put his head down

Help locate hot college boys among other college guys is a great resource precious. We found that advertising to get students to contact us did not attract the “right” type of student. Many young men who are perfect for a schedule would never have thought of applying. They must be invited. This is where student recruiters come in handy.

We advertised to locate a group of college students whose sole mission was to unofficially arrest college guys. Advertisements to locate employers may include classified ads, flyers for charities, career placement offices, and all residence halls and counselors. surname.

We are targeting at least three “core” employers, a Greek system and a representation of minorities. The employer does not have to be a woman. Guys are recruitable and sometimes find it easier to approach other guys in the gym, in the classroom, and on the quad.

We estimate that 60% of the students our employers find will be accepted. Of these students, 75% will accept our offer of appearance. Therefore, to get 22 students accepted, employers need to identify 50 students for each schedule.

Employer’s Compensation is the fee the finder is paid for each student appearing in the calendar. The search fee is only paid if a student the employer finds appears on the schedule. We didn’t pay

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