Internet Marketing Newbie? Tailor Your Website

Have you decided to focus on product creation? You have reached the point where you know your goal perfectly. You even wrote down your goal.

They get stuck on your fridge and glued to your computer. You also have your goals written down in a small “idea” booklet. Looks like you’re ready to explode! Let’s go!

Finally, you decide that the theme of your website will be “Men’s Shoes of the 50s”. From now on, everything on the site will fit the theme perfectly.

Do not bring men’s trousers. For now, at first, stick with this particular shoe.
Put your shotgun away, now you need your rifle. Everyone is warned. They know what they want. They are smart enough to know not to put their feet in men’s shoes. They focused on one specific type of shoe, the 50s men’s shoe.

It’s coming soon, but this is a priceless block of gold.
Now you know how people search online. Try to match your sales strategies with how people search. When you are able to do this, you will look your target customers straight in the eye.

Let’s dig a little deeper into that. People who go online to buy “50s men’s shoes” love this, 50s men’s shoes. That’s it!
The pants that you think they could buy when you visit the 50s shoe website are what you want. Not what they want.
Serious Errors!

Take a lesson here because most of the money spent on advertising shoes and pants of the 50s was lackluster and wasted. This money can be used to increase the number of 50’s shoes displayed on your website.

Or better, it may have increased your marketing budget, bringing more targeted traffic to your website. Now you also need to redo your detached site. Imagine that!

Your website has the perfect theme. Content is intricately interwoven throughout your site and flawless. You have completed your website assignment. Your articles and reports are especially focused on men’s shoes from the 50s.

The search engines sent spiders to comb your site and they liked it. Your Google ads are specific and targeted.
Deep in the countryside, in a small unknown town, Dad’s birthday is approaching.

The mother secretly asked, “What do you want for your birthday?”
She replied with a smile, (the kids remember that) “Give him a pair of two-tone shoes from the 50s.”
Confused children replied, “They don’t sell these shoes in town, where can you get them?
Mom laughed again, “try the Internet.”
“Oh why didn’t we think of that,” replied the children.
They go to the computer, turn it on and guess what they type? You’re right, 50’s men’s shoes. And guess which website is staring at them?

This scenario repeats itself and your internet cash register rings frequently. Stay focused, create a unique website, but set it up properly. Then watch this site go back and forth. Like money in the bank.

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