The seven deadly sins of business people #6 – Greed

If you’ve read this introduction, just scroll down and start reading about Greed, otherwise read the introduction below.Read and analyzes how these common evils can affect your business and your overall income.

You may think that the concept of deadly sin is religious and doesn’t apply to you, but you can call them negative tendencies if you like. The thing is, you can find them with more or less intensity in most people.

You may not realize that any of these tendencies can affect you until I show you the details. If you realize that there is a problem, I will also provide you with a solution so you can fix it. I will now explain and compare the most common negative tendencies in people with their respective opposite qualities.

Before I begin, I must tell you one thing. . .

I. Most sins come from: FEAR.
II. Most of the virtues come from: LOVE.
III. Sins, vices, and negative tendencies represent weakness, while virtues show strength.

In my opinion, the greatest quality of all is CAPABILITY / CONFIDENCE, for it is the direct fruit of love, which dispels fear and instills in man all other virtues.

This is a series of articles on the subject. The entire series has the following entries. . .








This is a very destructive tendency. Greed manages to take it and more. The problem is not giving but receiving. It’s not just about money, but everything else. I will give you some examples below.

An example of greedy people is someone who has abundant resources and not only does not share them, but finds a way and pepper and resources of others. They don’t like having to share what they have.

This sin usually involves money, possessions and material possessions. Truly greedy people never think they have enough. That’s why they don’t share. They think they are falling behind the norm, but their standards have no limits. In addition, they seek to consume the resources of others. I guess that’s what people hate most about greedy individuals.

For example, suppose someone is a millionaire. This person has family and friends and he knows they are poor. The person in question always tries to take advantage of his family and friends. He frequently asked them for money. He uses their resources and wastes them. For many years they helped him.

They didn’t like this person very much, because they noticed that he was self-centered. Their relationship seems to be one-sided. Everything revolves around him. One day, they discover that this individual is the wealthiest person in the family and group of friends. That’s when everyone turned against him and hated him to death.

Greedy individuals cannot understand why others hate them. Often they confuse this hatred with envy. It is simply not fair to try to use the resources of people who are so much worse than you, when you yourself have abundant resources.

Now, as a business owner, understand that there is a pattern in society. The very rich are often accused of being greedy, even though they can be very generous. If someone is very rich, many people will think that person is greedy even if they do not know him. Especially haters (those who feel jealous of others) tend to think that rich people are greedy.

Greed doesn’t show up in your life when you don’t share your wealth with others. You are not required to share your personal belongings. Understand that if you are rich, many people will not appreciate your prosperity. They will accuse you of being greedy, even if you are not.

You don’t have to share your money or resources with anyone. That is a fact. Now really greedy people are hated not because of their wealth, but because of their attitude. Let me explain.

Greed is an attitude. It stems from the fear of losing what you already have. It’s not like a glutton seeks to consume more than is necessary. He was eager not to. A greedy person wants to have an inexhaustible amount. They focus on receiving and receiving.

I’ll give you a few examples to help you notice the difference. Let us say that you are a millionaire and are living a good life. A lot of people hate you and a lot of people envy you. They don’t appreciate your prosperity. Strangers often come to you and ask for money and some of your belongings. They may be friends of a very old friend of friends. Do you understand?

Now, you always turn these people down and send them home. They say: greedy bastard, I wish he was dead. By not sharing your tools with these enemies, you are not being greedy, you are being wise. Why would you share your hard-earned wealth with people who won’t help you get it? When people get free stuff, they don’t appreciate it. No matter how rich you are, you don’t have to share your money with strangers.

On the other hand, if you regret spending a few dollars to take your friends to lunch when you are rich, that is greed. Another example of greed is the following. . .

You own a foreign company. You import goods into the country where you live. You have several employees in this foreign country.

They generate most of your profits for many years. You pay them a large sum of money. They produce five hundred times more than you pay them.

You know it and you don’t care. You haven’t given them a raise in years. Some of them ask you for a raise. You threaten to fire them. They trigger an uprising. You have to close the business. You lose a lot

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