Laughter: Use It to Pick Up Women

Laughter: Use It to Pick Up Women.Some people say that humor is the fruit of life, and this is especially true when picking a girl, no matter where she is. Make them laugh, and I guarantee you’ll go a step further to get their phone number and even lure them into a date.

However, as we all know, making them laugh is easier said than done. Especially for those of you who are having a hard time coming up with something funny to say, I’ll add some funny anecdotes and poignant cracks that you can memorize and then use in your next stories. situations where you need to make the girl in front of you laugh.

1) Prescription:
Have you heard of the woman who walked into an anesthetic store and asked for arsenic? The man behind the counter asked in amazement, “Why do you need this? The woman calmly replied, “To kill my husband.
The pharmacist was shocked: “Are you crazy? Do you want to put both of us in jail? And, anyway, why would you want to kill him? Come see a counselor. Find help with your marriage. “
The lady paused and pulled from her purse a series of photographs of the husband and wife of the pharmacist in creative poses. The pharmacist looked at the pieces of paper, put them down, and smiled, “Ma’am, why didn’t you tell me you had a prescription?”

2) Book of advice
A woman called her husband: “Have you seen the book 101 tips to live more than a hundred years old? The husband sheepishly replied, “I burned it.
“What?” the woman shouted, “why?”
The husband whispered back, “Because my mother wanted to read it.”

3) Types of food
Watching his wife fry meatballs of all shapes and sizes, Tom patted her shoulder, “Why?”
The wife turned, “Because you ask for a variety of foods.”

4) Mushrooms
Tom was picking mushrooms on the forest floor with his wife, when she picked one up and showed it to Tom, “Is it for eating?”
Tom smiled, “Yes. As long as you don’t cook it.”

5) Driving
Tom greeted his wife when she got home, “So honey, how was your first time driving?”
His wife smiled shyly, “Do you want to hear it from me or read it in the newspaper?

6) Drama

A couple was watching a movie in their local cinema when the wife cuddled her husband and pointed at the screen: “Do you think they’ll get married?”
The husband sighed, “Yes. These movies always have bad endings. “

7) Library
Tom went to the local library, approached the librarian and asked, “Do you know where I can find the book, The Ultimate of Men over Women?”
The librarian did a quick search on the computer and raised his head, “you can find it in science fiction.”

While some of them may seem annoying, if you use them well, you not only show a sense of humor, but you also show that you are the complete opposite of the stereotype. How? After finishing, he leaned over and whispered, but I am not like that, you let me out, you will see for yourself.

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