The Secrets of Healing From Within

The Secrets of Healing From Within. Modern medicine is based on the concept of fighting. We fight germs and fight for life. As soon as this happens and we seek to ease whatever we are going through when we feel pain or discomfort, we immediately try to stop it. We felt that we had to change our illness or our problems, fixing them with our expertise.

This orientation leads to an endless war with everything that touches us. Once a disease or problem is fixed, another problem arises. We live in a constant state of insecurity, where there is little room for reassurance.

Inner healing brings inner peace. It arises from a different orientation towards all life experiences. We are taught to stop, notice, and respect everything that happens to us. It’s as if we’re refocusing a camera, taking in our experience through a different lens.

It is often felt that deep pain is a bad thing and must be suppressed at all costs. Pain is not bad. Pain comes from a lack of balance and contains a lot of information. It brings many messages with it. Healing begins in every way when we treat our pain as a messenger and learn to respect and listen.

The first step in healing from within is to learn to see pain as an ally, to learn to “talk” to it. To most of us, that seems unthinkable.

It requires a full turn at first. Instead of stressing and preparing for battle, we learn to stop and realize that there is a lesson we need to learn. We find that pain or trouble often comes from holding a gift in our hands when we do this.

Illness often comes when we feel defeated. We may not want to fight anymore. Some people get sick when they are too exhausted. Illness is the only way they can allow themselves to stop, rest, and make the necessary changes in their lives. Each disease has its own story. The same goes for psychological or personal problems that reinforce each other and demand our attention.

When someone is in physical pain and suddenly realizes what is bothering them, the physical pain lessens. For complete healing to take place, it is essential to make changes throughout a person’s life. Cancer can be suppressed for years and then it recurs.

You have to ask yourself: “Why not when it reappears? All that is going on in my life? Then the carpet begins to roll up in the corners, and it feels like it’s coming off, during illness, the body revolts. It is demanding that we pay attention to anything unattended. We may have pushed ourselves too long. Now our body is fed up. Stop and listen to me, he begged. When we learn to listen and respond, a whole new life begins. Sickness and pain then become an opportunity for an important change.

Learning to listen

Usually we only listen to a part of ourselves. The rest left. But whatever we refuse, sooner or later we have to face it.

Rejecting something over and over never makes it go away. In fact, it will come back again and again, as long as you accept it. Everything must be loved and accepted, including our sickness and pain. The best way is to be friends with pain.

The war strengthens it. In a short time and exploring it, more possibilities will arise if we can relax there. Natural healing is available in all situations, but it can be interrupted by fighting and fear. When we let go and allow ourselves to speak to our pain and listen to what it has to say, amazing changes can happen.

To do this, we just have to close our eyes, stop fighting and ask our pain what it is telling us, what does it need from us right now? Then we become very quiet and listen deeply. One answer may not be correct. It needs patience. We begin to hear that we are doing this process over and over again, the fear will lessen and.

The answer has many different ways. Some heard the answer inside. Others see pictures, some have dreams. We learn to be open to whatever comes and in that openness we learn.


Take a look at your illness or problem right now. Imagine it inside and give it a kind or some kind of form. What does that look like to you? Describe it or draw it. Now let’s take a closer look at what the picture really means. What does this image you carry tell you about yourself and your life? Listen carefully.

Then ask the image any questions you may have and let it answer you. (Ask him what he wants, he will need to go away) from you and what. See what he needs if you can give.

This attitude is called suffering friends. When we get it, the disease doesn’t become something scary and alien. We become able to better understand which cause is right.

For example, we have to go through a serious illness if we are sad for too long and

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