How to introduce healthy food to your family

How to introduce healthy food to your family. A simple and very effective solution to introduce healthy food into your family

If 10 years ago someone told me that fruit is good for health ……. Good for the diet eat every day for a great source of vitamins … And even necessary – eating fruit is a MUST as a natural medicine for the human body … I answered: “Yes! I know very well! I know it! I love fruit and I eat it every day!”

But as I got older (after the age of 25), I started to have health problems: BIG problems – followed by lots of trouble, nightly insomnia and disturbing headaches. Just as petty worries obviously reduce my productivity at work, make me less extroverted, and make it take me hours to enjoy good physical health when things are going well.

All these health problems in general used to cost me a lot of time and money…Until I realized the simple secret that ……… Even in All my adult life, I’ve never grown up properly. appreciation as well as a right attitude towards fruits and vegetables.How to introduce healthy food to your family. I’m not afraid to say the exact reason – it’s usually due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

Only then did I realize that I had actually eaten the fruit ‘obviously’. This time around, the benefits of my “fruit eating” were kept to a minimum, as I only ate one or two pieces of fruit a day, usually after lunch or with breakfast.

If I feel hungry between meals or on the way to work, home, etc., I would rather snack on a sandwich or a roll of bread, rather than definitely eat fruit. Although FRUITS MUST be eaten on an empty stomach – to get the most benefit from them, as we recommend eating fruit alone without any other food.

If… If someone had told me before that I didn’t use fruit to maintain my good health, I would have replied angrily “No, what do you mean! Indeed, I use but my lifestyle is very hectic, lots of hard work, endless constraints and above all a terrible ecosystem. All of these have a very negative effect on my health. And what can fruit do with it????! “Especially if one knows HOW, WHEN, AND WHAT to use for a particular health condition …..

Conclusion, the main reason for being “not green” and therefore not make full use of the precious treasures of Nature that still lie hidden in the lack of proper presentation of this precious information!Nature when even those who want to lead a healthy life, do not there’s a big picture of what vegetables and fruits can do to the body and body. oranges – to boost the immune system, watermelon has a great cleansing effect”, however, to convince To serve not only someone but yourself, we have to take some. lots of useful information.

How to introduce healthy food to your family.And, often, this “information” comes in the form of boring statistics or dull, boring nutrition tables.

Let’s stop for a moment! You don’t understand that even you and I, like any other adult of any age, wouldn’t pay enough (enough) attention to information if it were presented as ‘dull’ (dull, uninteresting) attractive) like that?. This is not a method to encourage, on the contrary, it is a very effective and faster way to annoy someone!

However, as for young children and their little curious minds, they perform best when motivated by bright, colorful associations and sharp imaginations about the world. fantasy world.

Surely everyone will agree with me, no matter what age we are, we all love reading texts combined with attractive and eye-catching pictures! This is why the skill of color science is an independent science. And lots of interesting books, research papers, scientific evidence and related articles are devoted to the physiological effects of color on the human mind.

In addition, the second emphasis is on the presentation of the reading material. Do not generalize, but personalize.

It’s no longer a secret that articles are the most read (with the highest popularity and readability) in magazines, newspapers, etc. are stories that have a protagonist, i.e. a narrative, with a main hero, with a sequenced story progression: with a prologue, a middle event, and a climax, even if it’s not just a short narrative of an event or product.

If a readable document relates to an individual and their personal experiences, it is always easier to read, accept, and remember. That’s why we always read testimonials, because they come from someone and are expressed in simple, easy-to-understand words.

For me, up until the age of 30, I had never shown any interest in vegetables and I am ashamed to say, even for some fruits. And it’s not that I don’t know about healthy eating, the benefits of “greens” – indeed, I’ve heard and read about it from time to time, but it doesn’t help with creating a bright image. in my memory that will guide me and be my “star guide” in my diet (schedule) and that of my family.

Fortunately, on my 30th birthday, I not only received best wishes and e-cards, but among many emails, there was an unusual email from a friend of mine. . It contains a large juicy picture of a pineapple and a link with the unusual words

Happy Birthday! A gift for you hidden in… pineapples! ??

The link leads to an article that is, in fact, an interesting story about pineapples.

In its light-hearted form, this story tells the story of a mother and her young son. At the same time, it is a very informative design about the benefits of pineapple (and fruit in general) that help convey the information to the HEART of the reader.

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